AppSeed Restaurant: New features for better orders delivery

Order delivery services is a constant headache for restaurant owners. Issues they often need to deal with include estimating the time to reach certain places, prioritizing order delivery by delivery location, getting directions and, in general, simplifying the delivery process so they can focus on making great food.

Having an online ordering system and a separate route management software, makes it challenging to import the delivery addresses from the former into the latter.

AppSeed Restaurant now provides a unified experience blending into the online ordering system new features that enable better route management.

Here is a summary of the newly added features:

  • Delivery geolocation: User picks a delivery location on map.
  • Visualising customer stops: All the orders ready to be delivered and marked as shipped are collected on a map.
  • Route planner: Organising customer stops becomes easier and driver gets directions for the best route to the order destination.

Consider the benefits of these features:

  • Real time updates: Delivery staff can update the order status in real time without the need to return to the store.
  • Easier access to destination: Delivery staff gets directions on map for the best route to destination.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: On-time delivery is promoted since the delivery management is improved which leads to increased customer satisfaction and overall profitability.

Find out more by downloading the demo Restaurant mobile app and the AppSeed Restaurant Orders mobile app and let us know what you think using our contact form.

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