Manage your Firebase data - An Intro to Firebase Toolkit Admin Panel

Managing the data of your mobile app using the user-interface of Firebase may be troublesome. Especially, for those who are not techies or familiar with the JSON format, the tree-like data structures found on Firebase Dashboard could look too complicated to work with.

Ionic Toolkit Firebase has been designed for integrating your Ionic 3 app with Firebase and the most exciting part is its Admin Panel. The mobile app included in the kit demonstrates multiple data structures and views for various scenarios. On the other side, the Admin Panel provides a user-friendly environment to manage the data of your Firebase project.

The Admin Panel is easy to use and shows the users only what they need. Users view all the collections of their Firebase project on the sliding side menu and have easy access to each one of them.

A search bar in each collection page helps users to find content quickly particularly in cases when the data is larger.

The item details page consists of simple yet powerful forms validating the data inputs, allowing previewing uploaded images and giving helpful hints about the data entry or placeholder data when appropriate.

Enjoy creating and maintaining your data leaving more time to craft your perfect mobile applications.

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