Push Notification Tips

In this day and age, push notifications are everywhere. There isn’t a single smartphone user that does not recognize when they have received one, and the most common response is to either ignore it or swipe it away. As such, it isn’t often that people think about the process of sending an effective push notification. Clevertap looked into some strategies apps can use to send more effective push notifications and collected their findings and advice in the visual below.

The core purpose of a push notification is to add value to a user’s life in a way that encourages them to visit the app in question and perform certain actions. The average phone in the US gets around 46 push notifications a day, and a wide majority of users choose to ignore most of them. Data shows that the average mobile app loses 73% of its users within 48 hours of them downloading said app. Push notifications are supposed to help keep apps top-of-mind and have actually been shown to increase retention by 23% after 3 months. However, it is hard to maintain the balance between being effective and being annoying, and many apps struggle with this.

The beginning of this problem is that a large percentage of users do not even opt-in to get push notifications from apps. Combine this with the fact that the click-through-rates (CTR) tend to be low for most notifications. There are actually certain times wherein the CTR is higher than at other times. Using words that promote a sense of urgency can increase the CTR, for example. People are more likely to respond positively to notifications when they are worded casually as if they were messages from a friend. Additionally, the ideal length of a push notification should be between 20 and 90 characters.

The way users engage with push notifications is subconscious, and using available data to make a notification seem appealing and positive can have a massive impact on engagement. Providing value in just the right way is the key to an effective push notification.

Guest post written by CleverTap

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