Business Directory Firebase Admin

Business Directory Firebase Admin - Admin UI for Firebase backend

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In a nutshell

Your go-to tool for creating and managing the content of a modern Business Listing database. Minimal setup effort, no code required.

Perfect match with Business Directory mobile app

Designed to work seamlessly with Business Directory mobile app enabling you to easily create, set-up and launch a mobile application without coding a single line.

Complete management of data hosted on Firebase

Business Directory Firebase Admin provides a powerful and flexible solution for backend management, by integrating with Firebase. Firebase is the most powerful platform for managing your mobile or web application, through which you can power your app's backend, including data storage, user authentication, static hosting, and more.

Using Business Directory Firebase Admin, you can leverage the power of Firebase end in order to create, edit/update and delete data from the Firebase database and make it readily available to the your app(s). Real time data storage and synchronization enable you to dynamically treat and maintain easily the content of your mobile app without hassle.

Business Listing content

The content of a business listing consists of its name, business description, opening hours, email, facebook account, drupal site, office/store location etc. Businesses can be related to a certain categories (e.g. Food, Healthcare, Movie Theatres), which can be managed too. Also, businesses can be followed by a single image serving as their logo or a set of additional images that are uploaded to Amazon S3 directly from the device.

from $39.00

Buy Now!

The Business Directory Firebase Admin app provides an Admin UI ideal for creating and managing the content of a BUSINESS DIRECTORY app organising businesses into categories. Users can create a business listing by editing and saving all the data related to a business. This app is a powerful administration panel for Firebase data and can match with any piece of software uses Firebase as a backend and especially any mobile application built with any available technology. Also, it can be used either as a mobile application or launched as a web app.

Why choose Business Directory Firebase Admin

  • No code knowledge or tech development required
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Highly customizable structure, with modular architecture
  • Easy installation/configuration, detailed quick start guide
  • Easily maintainable data, via the flexible Backend User Interface
  • Free updates: new features added constantly
  • One codebase compatible with Android and iOS
  • Quick and efficient Support

Is Business Directory Firebase Admin for me?

Business Directory Firebase Admin is designed to provide a user-friendly environment for creating, updating and deleting data related to businesses. That data gives the information that is needed in order to describe adequately a business listing. Τhis app can be used in combination with any other mobile app implemented with any technology that is available and makes use of this kind of data.

Double use as mobile app or web app

Business Directory Firebase Admin is a fully featured web application based on the Ionic framework without any Cordova dependency allowing its use either as a mobile application or a web app. This means that you do not need necessarily a computer to access the administration panel.

You can create a mobile application by using the same code base and manage everything in the convenience of your mobile device. The app can be packed and submitted to App Store and Google Play.

Flexible Data Management

Business Directory Firebase Admin provides a user-friendly interface in order to create, read, update and delete any piece of data. Sometimes, users need a flexible way to manage their data without interfering with the Firebase admin environment to create a user account and share a Firebase project. Additionally, using Business Directory Firebase Admin, you can easily deal with all the difficulties associated with building the appropriate JSON data structure.

Yeoman Ionic Framework Generator powered

The Yeoman Ionic Framework Generator combines the best practices and features for scaffolding a hybrid application. It makes building of a mobile app easy and quickly since Yeoman is integrated with Ionic Framework and Cordova plugin. The included Grunt build system optimizes and automates important tasks, further streamlining your workflow.

Ionic design

This app is based on the UI elements that the Ionic Framework provides. Ionic Framework comes with a detailed and impressive CSS framework for layout styling. Moreover, it comes with its own built in icon library , which contains practically everything you would ever need. Use Ionic’s UI components and they will give you a fully customised and functional UI.


Android .APK

Preview on iOS and Android - Ionic View

Note: Some features are not fully functional for preview on Ionic View. Especially, those that need to launch another application of the device such as “Find us” which launches device’s Google Maps application.

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