FaceBook Business Ionic 3

Turn your Facebook Page Into a Mobile App

Treats your Facebook page as a backend to automatically create your own branded, independent, fully functional mobile app.

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Live demo Android .apk

Business Information

Keep users informed of your business important information. A “Closed now”/”Open now” label indicates instantly if your business is open or closed. One tap actions add more convenience to the user experience.


Share interesting posts and activities to give your business updates in a tidy package.


Mark your location on map to help customers find your location faster without leaving the app.


Make your photo albums the cornerstone of your business. Tell your story or let your products shine with your valuable photographs accompanied by titles and descriptions.


Earn loyalty and promote the reputation of your business showing your awesome reviews.

What's in the Pack

Full source code

Source code

Well structured carefully crafted source code easy to be extended.

Full Ionic Application

Full Application

A fully working Ionic Application, build-ready for iOS, Android and Web.


Documentation / Support

A very detailed Quick Start guide

from $20.00 - Buy Now!

Facebook Business Ionic turns your Facebook Page into a branded, independent, fully functional mobile app. There is no need to create and maintain your own backend as the Facebook Page is used for this purpose.

Facebook Business Ionic exposes your business news, events, galleries, important information such as location, opening hours etc. to increase brand awareness. It provides a perfect way for your audience to reach you through direct actions such as “Call us now”, Send us an email, “Visit our Website”, “Get directions” etc.

This app works seamlessly with your Facebook page with just one step configuration. Facebook is used as its one and only backend to provide the app with all the data it needs. Each time the Facebook page is updated, the app is automatically updated too. New posts, events and photos are displayed instantly in the app without any further action.

In a nutshell

Facebook Business Ionic treats your Facebook page as a backend to automatically create your business’s mobile app. It requires minimal setup enabling even non-developers to use and maintain it.

Why choose Facebook Business

  • No code knowledge or tech development required
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • No need to build your own backend since Facebook serves that purpose
  • Highly customizable structure, with modular architecture
  • Easy installation, detailed quick start guide
  • Free updates: new features added constantly
  • One codebase compatible with Android and iOS
  • Quick and efficient Support

Feature request

Help us improve this app in a way that absolutely makes sense. Suggest the next feature you would like to see implemented. We are taking suggestions very seriously.


Android .APK

Preview on iOS and Android – Ionic View

Note: Some features are not fully functional for preview on Ionic View. Especially, those that need to launch another application of the device such as “Get directions” which launches device’s Google Maps application.

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