Online Web Menu and Orders

Your Free and fully working website... for ever.

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Instant website creation

  1. Create an account.
  2. Fill in your Restaurant details.
  3. Setup your menu.

Get instantly a fully functional ordering website with your own logo, menu. No go-between, no hassle!

Online menu designed for higher profits

An easy-to-use menu, allows a highly personalized order with cross-selling/up-selling capabilities.

Let your customers browe your menu and build their ideal meal. Suggest side-dishes, drinks or toppings which perfectly match with a menu item.

Quick and easy checkout process

Customers enjoy a user-friendly checkout process in just a few steps. The user login makes it even quicker with the personal details and address autofill feature.

Have you already your own website? We have you covered

We have already prepared a web address you can include on any page of your website. You visitors we be able to browse your catalogue and send orders without leaving your site.

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