Ionic 3 Toolkit Natives

Power up your Ionic mobile app with amazing native features available on iOS and Android devices.

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A Native Bootstrap for your applications

Give your applications a Native User Experience. Bring out the best UX with a large collection of implementations that use the Ionic Native set of wrappers for Cordova/PhoneGap plugins. Incorporate the device native features into your app by creating Calendar events, accessing the Camera or Contacts etc.

Everything you need in one place

A large collection of Native implementations and examples perfect to bring out the best UX of your mobile app. The collection grows bigger with time.

Write code like a Ninja

Adopt the best practices for proper file structure, architecture and code style to ensure maintainability, reuse and quality.

What's in the Pack

Full source code

Source code

Well structured carefully crafted source code easy to be extended.

Full Ionic Application

Full Application

A fully working Ionic Application, build-ready for iOS, Android and Web.


Documentation / Support

A very detailed Quick Start guide

Ionic 3 Toolkit Natives is a collection of numerous features accessing the same native SDK features a pure native app would access such as calendar and social sharing. This app is based on the official Ionic Native set of wrappers for Cordova/PhoneGap plugins making sure the right and consistent Cordova plugins are used. Ionic 3 Natives is a well-structured, modular, full working app that comes with ingredients commonly used by all modern mobile apps.


This app uses Cordova plugins accessible on actual mobile devices only. To see its features live, install the APK file on an Android mobile device.

Android .apk


Action sheet, AdMob, App availability, App rate

Badge, Barcode scanner, Brightness, Calendar

Call number, Camera, Clipboard, Contacts

Crop, Date picker, Device, Device motion

Dialogs, Flashlight, Google Analytics, Launch navigator

Local notifications, Native storage, Network

OneSignal push notifications, Photo viewer, Position

Screen orientation, Shake, SIM, Social sharing

Spinner dialog, SQLite, Text to speech, Toasts

Vibrate, Youtube player, Streaming media

Themeable browser, Insomnia

... and the list goes on. We frequently add more samples.

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