Ionic Stencil Essential

A stunning UI kit for Ionic 5, Ionic 4 & Ionic 3!

Carefully designed screens for your mobile app

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Choose Between Multiple Themes

This app comes with the default Essential theme enabled out of the box but now you can choose beyond that. The newly introduced Awesome theme has a gorgeous look and attention to detail. Make use of the visual diversity it brings to the table for applications that stand out.

Available in Light and Dark mode

Awesome UI elements shine in 2 theme versions to choose from. The Light and Dark modes ensure an even more aesthetically pleasing app.

100+ awesome UI screen samples and layouts

Choose delightful screens from our kit to create beautiful apps with less effort.

Multipurpose eCommerce screens

Give a striking look to your commerce app! Provide a supreme experience for your customers with plentiful gorgeous screens for Merchandise Directories and Products Showcasing.

Sublime Checkout Process

An entire collection of all the required screens for a complete Cart Checkout.

  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment form
  • Delivery info
  • Order overview

All combined in a straightforward manner to provide a thorough procedure along with an effortless navigation.

Appetizing Food Screens

lllustrate appealing Food menus and Recipes listings that no one can resist!

List Samples

Display your data with our multi-purpose lists. Select from a wide range including lists with thumbnails, avatars or icons. Enrich them with ordered or sliding items and many many more.


Display every-day financial transactions with our neat and polished layouts.

Task planners

Pretty layouts for time organizers based on daily and monthly schedule views.

Chart integrations

Charts and diagrams are available to improve your app’s data presentation.

Interactive elements

Enhance UX with our interactive features. Hide/Show passwords and expand/collapse information cards.

Empty States

Empty states do not have to be boring! With this fun design increase user engagement and encourage users to interact with your app.

Integrated Fonts

This UI kit is integrated with Google fonts which are cross platform compatible.

SASS files

Meet the superpowers of SASS and customize your app in no time.

What's in the Pack

Full source code

Source code

Well structured carefully crafted source code easy to be extended.

Full Ionic Application

Ionic UI Kit

An Ionic UI Kit, build-ready for Android and iOS.


Documentation / Support

A very detailed Quick Start guide

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Ionic Stencil Essential UI kit comes with two sublime themes, in light or dark variants, already in place

Furthermore, it boasts a large collection of beautifully crafted, frequently used screens allowing developers to build gorgeous and highly customizable mobile apps with minimal effort. The app users on their behalf will have a seamless experience from the clean and elegant layout.

This kit includes a big set of reusable views that most mobile apps today base upon for user interaction. It is a swiss army knife for many different scenarios. Login screens, profiles with social media connectivity, different types of lists, task planners, product catalogs and many more combined all together to create apps of enhanced quality and high usability.

This well-crafted, carefully designed UI kit will result in stylish applications with a premium look and feel.

This distribution includes 3 codebases. The one is based on Ionic 3.x, the other on Ionic 4.x and the third on Ionic 5.x.




In a nutshell

Ionic Stencil Essential allows you to quickly build your mobile app with a diverse collection of UI screens, adopting modern design concepts to achieve high quality layouts, in order to address many use-cases and provide the end user with an eye-catching interface of everyday features for an amazing experience.

Feature request

Help us improve this app in a way that absolutely makes sense. Suggest the next feature you would like to see implemented. We are taking suggestions very seriously.

Why choose Ionic Stencil Essential

  • Numerous themes out of the box
  • A large number of commonly used screens to choose from
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Easy installation, comprehensive quick start guide
  • Detailed documentation
  • Free updates: new features added constantly
  • One codebase compatible with Android and iOS
  • Quick and efficient Support

Demo - Ionic 4.x


Light Mode
Dark Mode


Light Mode
Dark Mode

Demo - Ionic 3.x

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