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Local Business Pro - Full Ionic app with MEAN stack backend and Admin UI

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The application follows the modern trends of the “Slide menu”.


Display news, announcements and articles about your business by using either the backend to create them or your already existing Wordpress and/or Drupal site. Everything you will need for that is already implemented and no additional code is required.

News Management

Provide news and announcements about the business by managing your articles. Add unlimited number of photos, tags, title and text and update or delete them using easy to track buttons and forms.


Expose the products of your business to your clients and potential clients mobile devices. Products are organised in lists where a title, a thumbnail and the price are mentioned. A detailed pages provides additional information for each product including a slideshow of images and an “Buy now” link. The link points to the actual web site where the user could find more information about a particular product and proceed with the purchase.


Give information about the services your business provides. Services are organised in lists of cards where a title and a thumbnail are mentioned. A detailed page provides additional information for each service including a slideshow of images and a “Read more” link. The link points to the actual web site where the user could find more information about a particular service.

Products and Services Management

Manage the products of your business. Title, body text, price, URL pointing to the website the product is presented or sold and multiple images can help you organise all your products and services details.


Online Catalogs and PDFs will give the chance to your buyers to be effectively and inexpensively informed of your products, services or even instruction manuals and other support documents. Users can either view your catalogs online or download them

Catalogs Management

Catalogs keep record of a collection of your products/services that can be represented by a title, description, URL pointing to a website and a URL to a PDF version of related material accompanied by unlimited number of images.

Push notification

A full working Push notification example is integrated into the application. It also comes with detailed instructions on how to configure everything in your end and have your application ready to send and receive Push Notifications.

Your are just 300m away, visit us...

Motivate even more your clients to visit your store by making it easier for them to find you. They will be able to know any time if they are close to your business and drop by for a visit.

Contact us

The contact screen displays business information. It also enables users to interact with the app making single-tap phone calls, get directions or connect via social networks.

Business Information Management

ll relevant information are broken down into discrete segments. Contact information, business location, website, business description, social networks, images and open hours are just enough information to give about your business. Also, there is an option to define time zone since your clients could be international and open hours might refer to different time zones according to your clients location.

Galleries Management

Galleries help you keep your images grouped by subject giving the gallery a title and a description.

Pages Management

Other material such as manuals, instructions or any kind of information that need to be managed in a page can be described by a title, body text, teaser text and a number of images.

Reviews Management

Reviews are similar to the Pages but, instead of a title, they include full name field that corresponds to the reviewer name.

from $59.00

Buy Now!

Local Business Pro is a complete solution for presenting your business and its activities through a mobile app and managing all the used content/data via a powerful administration panel. Local Business Pro comes with a mobile and a backend application.

Local Business Ionic is an extremely modular Ionic mobile application for any kind of BUSINESS and LOCAL STORE. It is a well structured, well organized and well implemented app that comes with all the features that are necessary for every business needs a modern application to promote its presence, products and communication with its customers.

Local Business Βackend is integrated with the Local Business Ionic mobile app and aims to provide a user-friendly interface for the management of the mobile app content, such as news articles, products, services, galleries, catalogs, organisation’s information etc. This backend is a multi-user system appropriate for the addition, modification or deletion of any kind of data related to the activities and needs of a local business. Best practices, proven techniques and experienced software architecture are packed with a well crafted design.


In a nutshell

The ultimate tool to build a mobile app for your business, presenting products, catalogs, news and more. Minimal setup effort, no code required.

Why choose Local Business Pro

  • No code knowledge or tech development required
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Highly customizable structure, with modular architecture
  • Easy installation/configuration, detailed quick start guide
  • Easily maintainable data, via the flexible Backend User Interface
  • Free updates: new features added constantly
  • One codebase compatible with Android and iOS
  • Quick and efficient Support

Contact us

The contact screen displays business information. It also enables users to interact with the app making single-tap phone calls, get directions or connect via social networks.

One tap actions

  • Call us: It will make the device to start a call to the phone number you have defined.
  • Send us an Email: The email client will open with your business’s email already set so that the user won’t need to type it.
  • Find us / Get directions: The map application which is already installed on the device will be launched to show your exact location on the map and the user will be able to get directions to reach your business.
  • Visit us on Facebook: Users will be able to see the business’ social profile with just one tap.

Open hours

Let users know if your business is open at the particular time they open the application. The app gets the current time from the device, takes into account the time zone of the business and the device and displays a friendly message to the users. A list of the open hours is also displayed in the “Contact Us” screen.


The location of the business/store is presented on the map with a pin and its annotation.

Yeoman Ionic Framework Generator powered

Yeoman Ionic Framework Generator combines the best practices and features for scaffolding a hybrid application. It makes building of a mobile app easy and quickly since Yeoman is integrated with Ionic Framework and Cordova plugin. Also, the included Grunt build system optimizes and automates some important tasks of your workflow.

Ionic design

Local Business Ionic is based on the UI elements that the Ionic Framework provides. Ionic Framework comes with a detailed and impressive CSS framework for layout styling. Furthermore, it handles header elements in a very similar way to existing libraries you may have used. Headers are available in many different default color options. Adding a footer element is as easy as adding a header. Moreover, Ionic comes with its own icon library built in which contains almost everything you should need. Use Ionic’s UI components and they will give you a fully customised and functional UI.


The code is extremely tested on iOS and Android mobile phones. Up to 7” Android tablets are also supported.


All the mobile app’s content can be managed via the backend application. It supports JSON API to enable the communication with the mobile app and make its data available to it in order to consume it.

Multi-user Interface

  • Multiple user accounts can be created.
  • Different users can create and have access to different content.
  • Users can change their password.
  • Administrator account can manage users.
  • “Forgot your password” functionality enables users to reset their password.


All records aggregated in lists are paginated for a quicker page load and an organised look and feel.

Details summary

A summary of information for a product is displayed so user can have a quick look without the need to view/edit the whole form which holds all the data. The same applies to articles, services, galleries, catalogs, pages and reviews.

REST API Authentication

Local Business Backend comes with a well-documented JSON API that handles authentication and access to all the data that resides in the application. A single step is required in order to create an API user through the app’s interface and you are all set to make REST API calls. The API user will be authenticated using basic HTTP protocol for a username/password authentication.


Local Business Backend has extremely modular architecture that is going to eliminate any unnecessary complexity. Its code is clean and well-organised into modules to let you get a quick start over any kind of modification or extension of the existing code. Forms, styles and all the logic are put together into the related module of each app’s functionality helping you maintain or even explore the code in a comfortable way.


Local Business Backend is based on MEAN stack combining the powers of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js. These technologies enable a dynamic, fast, robust and maintainable web application. MongoDB holds all the data of the application and Express is responsible for providing the Web API and organising the app into an MVC architecture on the server side. AngularJS is used as a client-side MVC framework that provides a dynamic UI and reduces server load. Node.js enables the maintenance of a persistent connection from the browser back to the server where both the client and the server can initiate communication and exchange data.

Feature request

Help us improve this app in a way that absolutely makes sense. Suggest the next feature you would like to see implemented. We are taking suggestions very seriously.


Local Business Mobile

Android .APK
Preview on iOS and Android - Ionic View

Local Business Mobile

Note: Some features are not fully functional for preview on Ionic View. Especially, those that need to launch another application of the device such as “Find us” which launches device’s Google Maps application.

Stay tuned

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